privacy policy

This data privacy statement applies to  the use of Lucky Coin ("we", "us" or "us")  on your mobile device.  

When using Lucky Coin, we collect, process and use personal data. Since it is important to us to protect your privacy when using Lucky  coins, we would like to inform you about your use of Lucky coins with the following information, and what personal data we collect and how we process it.

You can access this data privacy statement at any time on your "personal page" in the application.

Collection and use of your data

In some cases, you provide us with immediate access to data (e.g., when creating a user account and contacting us), and in some cases, we automatically collect data during the use of lucky coins (e.g., to provide our services and understand how you use our services and applications).

The legal basis for processing your data may be as follows:

·  You agree to the use of data within the framework of Lucky coins.

·  To fulfill the service obligations arising from our contract using Lucky Coin in order to provide you with the services you have requested.

·  We rely on legitimate interests.

o  our business interests in improving our services so that we can better understand your needs and expectations and thus improve the services we provide to you;

o  In order to prevent fraud and guarantee that the use of Lucky Coin is complete, free of fraud and in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Use of Lucky Coin  : we reserve the right to exclude certain users and their terminal devices from the service in the event of an impermissible use, but without specifying the exact reason (permitted actions include, for example, If you are using multiple end devices from a single IP  address, if this  is   Not common in their respective locations or respective countries). multiple uses of the user account associated with the payment service provider, in addition, the use of multiple mobile phone numbers (used to verify the user's identity), and certain changes to the mobile operating system, such as granting unrestricted administrator access, installing malware, or making specific modifications to the operating system, etc.);

o  to ensure that our services are secure and that our products (applications and web servers) are technically secure and effective;

o  To secure and enforce our contractual rights and claims.

·  According to the legal basis. To comply with our legal obligations if the collection, storage, transfer or other processing of data is required by law or necessary for processing.

What rights do you have in relation to your data?

You have the right to receive free information at any time about the scope and content of your processing of personal data. You also have the right to request that we correct, restrict the processing or delete your personal data.

In the event of a violation of data privacy, you also have the right to lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority.

Further information can be found in the following section of this Data Privacy Notice: "Your rights as a data subject".

In particular, during the use of Lucky Coin, your personal data will be used for the following purposes:

check in

In order to use Lucky Coin, you need to log in at a specific time.

Consent to the processing of personal data for the purpose of using Lucky Coin


Login data (email address, date of birth, gender, avatar, nickname).
Installed applications (including duration and history)

The data is linked to your device by means of a device ID transmitted in encrypted form to our servers. In order for the application provider to fund our application proposal, your device ID must be transmitted to them for billing purposes.

The above data needs to be processed in order to be able to recommend applications available in lucky coins that match your interests, suggest their installation through system notifications, and allow the calculation of bonuses earned using this application.

 Information about usage

You can terminate your use of Lucky Coin at any time.

Log in via Google

To sign in, you'll need to sign in with a Google Account.

In order to be able to identify you, we will collect personal data to  set up and provide lucky coins on your mobile device. We need your date of birth to check if you are of legal age, as lucky coins are only allowed by people  over the age of 18  .

Register/set up user accounts

In order to be able to use all the features of Lucky coins, especially to benefit from bonus payouts, you must register with Lucky coins by setting up a user account. Therefore, sign up for services that are used to offer lucky coins  and calculate the winnings you generate.

During the registration process, if necessary, we will collect and store certain other personal data about you in order to establish a customer account. This includes (see above if we have not already collected and stored this information by following the steps above):

·  Payment Data: PayPal email address of your account or details of other payment providers supported by Lucky Coin.

This data is processed on the basis of your consent (see above) for the performance of your contract with Lucky coins.

If you do not provide this information or data, you may not be able to use Lucky Coins at all or only to a limited extent, in particular not eligible for any bonuses.

Data processing for calculating bonus payments

If you acquire and install these apps through lucky coins, we also use data about your use of the applications running in the foreground of your terminal device to calculate the winnings you generate. For this purpose, we also record and use data on your purchases of services and virtual items within the framework of the application you use (in-app purchases), as well as data on in-app events related to bonus calculation, e.g. as the level increases.

The processing of this data is based on the consent granted by you (see above) and is used for the performance of your contract using lucky coins.

Note: Authorize access to features and data on the end device

In order to be able to use all the features of Lucky coins, you may need to grant Lucky Coin access to certain features and data on your device (e.g. access your camera), but it depends on your device and operating system, and we have no influence on that. We will only use all authorizations granted by you for the purposes described above, even if the authorizations granted (e.g. for technical reasons) can theoretically be used for other possible purposes. In general, you can revoke the authorization granted at any time in your device settings (in other words, depending on your device and the operating system installed).

Contact Section

In the contact section of the app, you can contact us by email using our contact form. Therefore, we will collect your email address. You can decide for yourself what data you provide to us within the framework of your contact.

In this case, we will only use your data to respond to your inquiry.

The processing of this data is carried out with your consent

How long your data will be stored

We will only store your personal data to the extent permitted or required by law using Lucky Coin to perform a contract,  fulfill your wishes or our legitimate interests (we have recorded your personal data) or as permitted or required by law:

·  As long as you are involved in the use of Lucky  coins, we will store and process your personal data for the duration of  your use of Lucky coins until you end the use or ask us to delete your data;

·  As long as you have set up a user account for our Services, we will store and process your personal data for the duration of your use of Lucky Coins until you terminate it or until you ask us to delete your data.

·  If you send us an enquiry, we will process your personal data for the duration of processing your enquiry.

When we no longer need your personal data, we delete it from our systems and record or anonymize it so that it can no longer be identified.

We may retain certain personal data to comply with our statutory and regulatory obligations and to enable us to administer our rights (for example, to assert our rights in court) or for statistical purposes.

Data forwarding

Except as otherwise provided in this Data Privacy Notice, the transfer of your personal data without your prior express permission will only take place in the following cases:

·  If it is necessary to solve the problem of illegal use or misuse or prosecution of lucky coins, personal data will be passed on to criminal prosecution authorities and, if necessary, to harmed third parties. However, this can only happen if there are specific indications of illegal or abusive behavior. We are also legally obliged to provide information to certain public authorities upon request. They are criminal prosecution authorities, administrative offences punishable by fines and financial institutions.

·  Forwarding to a third party subject to professional confidentiality is only necessary to enforce the Lucky  Coins Terms and Conditions of Use or other agreements and our claims under the Lucky Coin Use Contract  .

·  In order to provide our services, we occasionally rely on contractually binding third-party companies and external service providers, such as our customer service and the escrow of lucky coins. In this case, the information will be passed on to these companies or individuals for further processing.

·  As part of the further development of our business, the structure of our company may change as a result of changes in the legal form or the establishment, purchase or sale of subsidiaries, business units or components. In the event of such a transaction, with your consent, customer information will be passed on with the part of the company to be transferred. When transferring personal data to third parties within the specified scope, we will ensure that further use complies with this Data Privacy Notice and relevant data protection laws and ask for your permission.

Security measures to protect the data we store

We are obliged to protect your privacy and keep your personal data confidential. Your data will be stored in our database and will only be accessible to us and our specially trained staff in data protection.

If we use the support of third-party service providers who process your data on our behalf to provide our web services, we have ensured that they comply with the strict conditions of this Data Privacy Statement and will not use your data beyond the scope described in this Data Privacy Notice. All contractors, service providers and their employees strictly comply with our instructions and are particularly legally obliged to comply with data protection and to train you.

To prevent the loss or misuse of the data stored by us, we have taken comprehensive technical and organizational security precautions and regularly review and adjust to accommodate technological advances. If it is within our sphere of influence, we use modern encryption in particular, as well as various other measures, to prevent third parties from obtaining unauthorized information.

However, we would like to point out to you that due to the structure of the Internet, it may not be possible to comply with the data protection regulations of other persons or institutions that are not within our responsibility, as well as the security measures described above. In particular, data transmitted in unencrypted form can be read by third parties, even if it is sent by e-mail. We have no technical impact on this situation. In these cases, it is the user's responsibility to protect the data they provide from misuse through encryption or other methods.

Your rights as a data subject

As the data subject of Lucky Coin Data Processing, you have the following rights listed in this section.

If you would like to exercise one of the following rights, please  contact us using the contact details specified in the "Contact" section below.

Please note that we may ask you for proof of identity and details of the inquiry before processing the inquiry.

Information, restriction of processing and deletion

Within the framework of the provisions of applicable law, you have the right to free information at any time about the data stored about you personally, its origin and recipients, as well as the purpose of the data processing. Subject to the respective prerequisites, you also have the right to rectification of incorrect data, restriction of processing and erasure of data.

Withdraw your consent to data processing

Some forms of data processing can only take place with your explicit consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time. The lawfulness of the data processing carried out before the withdrawal will not be affected by the withdrawal.

Right to data portability

For data that we process automatically on the basis of your consent or in the context of the performance of a contract, you generally have the right to access it yourself or provide it to third parties in a customary, machine-readable format. If you need to transfer this data to a third party, this will only take place if it is technically feasible and reasonable efforts have been made.


If you have questions or comments about the processing or use of your personal data, if you need information about the personal data stored about you, or if you wish to exercise your other rights described above, you can contact us via feedback in the product

Changes to this Data Privacy Statement

We always update this data privacy statement. Therefore, we reserve the right to change and update your data from time to time during the collection, processing and use of your data. Therefore, please read this data privacy statement regularly. You can access it at any time in the app